New Astrologer in the Family

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I am happy to announce Kate Wind, our daughter has joined the ranks of astrology.

On the day she was born, Bill ran home from the hospital to run her chart.  With Uranus conjunct her Midheaven and her therapeutic Sun and Moon  in the 12th and 6th houses, we both agreed, she was a fellow astrologer.

In the 80’s Bill and I hosted a late-night astrology call-in radio show, and there was Kate, less than a year-old resting in her carrier on the studio floor, never making a peep. Eyes wide open! Or maybe it was ears wide open!!

Kate grew up in a culture of astrology, so when she started asking for resources to learn astrology, I was in.

Kate ramped up her astrology skills this past year, studying with world-class astrologers, and having full access to all my resourses. Check her out at

She is offering 30 and 60-minute consultations and some specialty readings for group gatherings, parties and conferences.

I couldn’t be happier for her and for her many clients to come. Congrats Kate!!!