Personal Story

Mary is an Astrology and Feng Shui consultant, convention speaker and columnist, and life-long student residing in Las Vegas, NV since 1982.

In 1980, Mary became a student of astrology, studying under Bill Swick, an astrology student of Ivy Goldstein-Jacobs. In 1983, she married Bill in Las Vegas. After 14 years of studying astrology and consulting on a part time basis, and under the influence of Saturn conjunct moon in the 2nd house, ruler of her sixth, Mary left her management job to build a full time Astrology practice. Mary’s unique style of astrology has been heavily influenced by the astrological studies of Bill Swick, Robert Hand, Betty Lunsted, Marion March and Joan McEvers. Carolyn Myss, Carol Pearson and Lynda Hill have given Mary her definable style of astrology integrating the language of archetypes and Sabian Symbols.

Shortly after launching her full-time Astrology practice, with Uranus conjunct her Ascendant, Mary was introduced to Feng Shui, through the books of Nancy Santo Pietro, Nancilee Wydra and Jami Lin. She embraced the connection between Feng Shui and her college studies in environmental psychology. After implementing basic Feng Shui principles in her home, and seeing immediate results, Mary gathered her astrology clients and started teaching Feng Shui in weekly classes. Soon the word spread. Within months, clients were calling for home and business consultations. And just as Marianne Williamson most famously said, “Do what you love and the work will follow,” a full time career as a Feng Shui consultant and astrologer was born.

With the growing popularity of Feng Shui came speaking opportunities beyond the classroom. Las Vegas based conventions, seeing the edu-tainment value of Feng Shui, have given Mary the opportunity to speak to thousands of attendees, with groups ranging from 50 – 500.

Today, Mary’s life is a perfect balance of Astrology readings, Feng Shui consultations, writing and tending to her secret garden. She resides in Las Vegas with her husband of over 35 years.