Aries and Libra Alert: Summer 2017

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Aries and Libra Alert: Summer 2017

Your passions are rising!! Deep-seated feelings are bubbling up. No matter your age, you are questioning your values and lifestyles this summer of 2017. You may be asking yourself, “Is this just a passing whim?” Should I buck-up, bury these feelings and double-down on my current lifestyle?”

Fair Warning to the reluctant or timid Aries and Libra. Boring does not stand a chance this Summer 2017. Surf this wave of change over the next 12 months, or let the undertow pull you in un-expectedly. Sometimes life has a way of doing that, upending creature-comforts or dashing the familiar. As Uranus entertains its entry into Taurus, calculated or unforeseen choices or reactions disrupt the status quo, creating chaos. Be pliable and adaptable. Pack for Florida, but be prepared to land in Pittsburgh.

Either way, Aries and Libra, you will not miss this window of opportunity. The good news? Financial backing or psychological support will be evident between August and October 2017.

One more closing thought!

Team up with another Aries or Libra. You will need someone who can relate to your restless-ness and abrupt re-visioning of your future. Do not rely on family and loved ones to “think it out” with you. A lot of “should-of, would-of, and could-of” advice will sound irrelevant. Friends and family are too heavily vested in the status quo and blinded to your new possibilities.

By Fall 2017 you will be on your way, feeling more alive, relevant, truthful and …. vulnerable. You are trading in the predictable for a more authentic and well-lived life.