Do you have a little Oakland in your Chart?

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Do you have a little Oakland in your Chart?

Do you have a little Oakland in your Chart?

Oakland, CA has an “underdog” status. Most of us think of Oakland as a city of grit, competition (think sports) and hustle. If it brags, Oakland carries a strong theme of survival or beating the odds – doing what it takes to win. It is a very underestimated city. Using Rodney Dangerfield’s classic delivery, Oakland may say, “I get no respect.”

If Oakland was an astrology client, they may be thinking, “Why me?” Why do I have to deal with the cast-offs of glossy San Francisco or high-minded Berkeley? Why am I the ugly step-sister of the Bay? (By the way, cities have natal charts, just like people, based on the day they were incorporated.)

Consider the astrology chart of Oakland and see if you can see any attributes of yourself!

Oakland’s chart has two very social planets in the 11th house. The 11th house can be compared to the words of Lady Liberty, “give me your tired, your poor, your huddled masses ……”

If you share this placement with Oakland, you too, are likely to accept others on their terms. Race, gender, rich or poor you may have a buffet of friendships which others find offensive, shocking or just down-right inappropriate.

This is a stand-out placement, suggesting a drive for success. But it is not all about making money. The 11th house planets suggests a need to compete on your own terms, suggesting unusual ways of making money, supporting alternative lifestyles, shaking up the norm, or undercutting competition. Your main goal may be to stand-out, and not fit in!

Look at your own chart. Check for planetary placements in the 11th house. If you have any….at all. You have a little Oakland in you!