Feng Shui Flower Power

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Feng Shui Flower Power

Go green in achieving goals. Set an intention, reinforce it with the appropriate flower and watch for the “blossoms.” Reinforcing goals with Feng Shui flowers puts action into the intention, creating a doubly strong affirmation. Besides fresh flowers, choose decorative accessories, linens and art with suitable flower motifs.

Peony: Love and romance

Place a vase of peonies in the bedroom with the intention of attracting a lover

Magnolia: Beauty

Feature a magnolia picture in the bathroom and set the intention of beauty.

Orchid: Fertility and truth

Set an orchid on the desk to counter deception in business

Chrysanthemum: Happiness, ease and balance

Plant chrysanthemums outside a child’s bedroom and set intentions of happiness

Lotus: Perfection, purity and peace

Feature a picture of floating lotus blossoms and set the intention of peacefulness