Feng Shui: Getting the Details Right

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Feng Shui: Getting the Details Right

Moving day is hectic.  Because we are in a rush to get settled, we often set our furniture and art in place, thinking “I will come back and address the details later.”


That is fine.  Just be sure you do it!!!


Tiffany moved into her apartment and instinctually leaned a perfect relationship picture above a cabinet in the relationship gua.  It looked great!!  Perfect colors. Perfect location!


A couple of months later during a Feng Shui consult, I commented that the protective plastic wrap which still clung to the art needed to be removed.  We instantly turned and laughed.  Tiffany had just been commenting how she felt at-distance from her boyfriend.  Off came the plastic!!!


Take a closer look at the art on your walls.  Is it securely hung?  Is the sticker price still showing? Has the print slipped from the matting? Has the frame tilted?