Feng Shui: Taking Advantage of Wind

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Imagine my surprise to see this gigantic, enormous flag (??) popping up over my neighbor’s wall last month. It turned out to be a wind racer – taller than a two story house!!!


Appearing in my back left corner (wealth gua) of the yard, I saw it as an excellent financial omen, and as a reminder to move with the times. The element of wind is the historical ruler of wealth.


I felt blessed to have a gi-normous wind sock like this to pop up unexpectedly. Although it did not stay long, less than 24 hours, I reaped its benefits with an exceptional flow of clients and appointments for the next 10 days!


After the wind racer disappeared from view, I was inspired to hang a wind sock to continue the intention of financial movement. The bee-inspired wind sock set the perfect intention of prosperity and Wind Racer productivity!


Jump-start your finances by hanging a chime, or wind sock in the financial gua (back left corner from the perspective of the street) of the yard. Set the intention of “identifying” wealth opportunities every time the wind blows!