Feng Shui: What is in Your Closet?

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Feng Shui: What is in Your Closet?

What element dominates your closet? Support your personality with a truthful clothing style.

Shawls, big scarves, flowing lines, jersey, loose knit sweaters, and off the shoulder wear reflect a creative personality. Think of the philosopher style of Meryl Streep!


Body-hugging silhouettes, peek-a-boo cutouts, spiked heels, riotous colors and plunging necklines reflect a passionate personality. Think of the pleasure-seeking style of Jennifer Lopez!


Neutrals, plaids, boxy blazers, horizontal stripes, flat shoes, flannel and coarse fabrics reflect a practical personality. Think of the cozy style of Ellen Degeneres!


Greens and blues, leggings, heels, vertical lines, florals, corduroy and stretchy fabrics reflect a pioneering personality. Think of the ever-evolving style of Katie Couric!


Detailed tailoring, covered buttons, pastels, curved lines, pearl accessories, and dry-clean only fabrics reflect a trustworthy, old-money personality. Think of the under-stated elegance of Gwenyth Paltrow!