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Welcome to the Feng Shui Gallery!

Acquaint yourself with the principles of Feng Shui through my personal Gallery. These pictures quickly illustrate Feng Shui cures, as well as Feng Shui no-nos. From the garden to your business logo, learn the importance in crafting an abundant life using the codes of Feng Shui.

After viewing my Gallery, step back and think of your home as a Gallery. Every image in your home is promoting a message, hopefully of abundance, optimism and support. If you are unsure how to create a harmonious or prosperous home, schedule a consultation for personalized cures specific to your home, office or circumstances.

A renewed life is one feng shui cure away!

Inviting the Divine In

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Inviting the Divine In

Inviting the Divine In

If you are looking for a better life, bring “protective,” or “supportive” images into your house and landscape. Ideally these helpful vignettes can be seen through a window while you sip coffee, or visible in the yard to arriving guests.

Positive images support a positive outlook, and upbeat mood. Feeling blessed is a nice way to live your day. Pictured is an angel statue which I positioned outside my living room window.

Set the intention of “being protected, or enlightened to new opportunities.” I like to set my intentions broadly, and allow the Universe to deliver the best benefits for me.

Look at me!!! Kate Wind featured me on her weekly Feng Shui tips video!

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Kate Wind featured me on her video on Feng Shui tips!!!! Go Kate!! Congrats to Kate who has joined the ranks of Feng Shui practioners!!

My newest ‘Feng Shui Tips and Tricks’ video features the infamous The Feng Shui Lady – Mary Swick. Watch to learn about tips for your front door! #thekatewind

Posted by The_katewind on Monday, February 12, 2018

Shiny Pots and Pans for the Chinese New Year 2018

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Shiny Pots and Pans for the Chinese New Year 2018

Shiny Pots and Pans for the Chinese New Year!

Feng Shui guidelines have traditionally linked the kitchen with productivity and success.  The natural “fire” energy of the  kitchen, along with the nurturing effort of serving ourselves and loved ones with food are the same qualities associated with prosperity.

Use the approaching Chinese New Year  (Feb 16th) as a motivator to  deep-clean the cook-top and replace any mangled or stained food utensils. Most importantly, replace any worn out pots and pans.  In particular check out your  8 – 12 inch pans which seem to get used the most. Is the pan warped or nicked? Is the bottom tarnished beyond cleaning? Does the handle have a slight wiggle?

If so, indulge yourself with a new pan setting the intention of a prosperous Year of the Dog. Who doesn’t enjoy cooking with a new shiny pots or pan?


If 2017 was financially challenging, or if you are launching a new career this year,  this is an effective cure for increasing enhancing your reputation and financials.




Feng Shui: Winter Solstice Cure

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Feng Shui: Winter Solstice Cure

Feng Shui: Winter Solstice Cure


As we approach the Winter Solstice, this is an excellent time to plant a seed of a project, concept, relationship, or a pending transition. Clear out a space in your file drawer, closet, desktop, or shelf. Set the intention of allowing something new to come into your life.


Reinforce this with the practice of forcing a bulb. Think amaryllis! You can easily find them boxed and ready to bloom. The Winter Solstice marks the end of the growing season, correlating with shorter days and longer nights. For each of us, the seeds from our past experiences are being harvested.


We are all thinking ahead to 2018.  What can I do better? How can I parlay my 2017 experiences into a better 2018? What will make me happier in 2018?


If you like this line of thinking, reinforce it with action!!  Force a bulb this holiday season with the intention of blossoming in new ways in 2018.


Also stay tuned for an upcoming 2018 series of classes called “Magical House Keeping” for your best year yet.



Remember the riddle of the Chinese gardener. 

His employer asks him, “When is the best time to plant a tree?”

The gardener says, “100 years ago, but the second best time is today.”


Feng Shui: The Power of Red Panties

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The color “red” can be a strong Feng Shui cure in your panty drawer…all year round!! Grab your power back with a red panty!!I have recommended this power cure for decades particularly for women embattled with bosses or ex-husbands, as well as women vying for a big sale or contract in their businesses!! Put a red panty in your holiday sock!!

Here is a great blog by my daughter, Kate Wind, on the power of the red panty!!  Power up for 2018!

Mary Swick


The Power of Red Panties

by Kate Wind, www.thekatewind.com

Usually we associate red panties for the bedroom, but we should highly consider them for the boardroom as well!

If you could gain more power with just the color of your undergarments, wouldn’t you?

A few days ago, a client called me concerned about an upcoming meeting at work.  She was inquiring if I thought the outcome of the meeting would be in her favor.  She was struggling to finding common ground with the individual she was pitching her idea to, as he came off very ‘know-it-all’ and brash.  She made a comment that he made her feel powerless.  I was shocked, as I knew my client to be a strong headed, successful business woman.  Without pulling her chart, I confidently suggested she wear red panties the day of the meeting.  Desperate for the answer, my client listened as I explained the below.

Just as gloves protect our hands from the cold, the clothes and accessories we wear, protect and support our charkas.  Panties sit on our body between our 2nd chakra and 3rd chakra, depending on how high you wear them. (This could be the perfect excuse to rock the granny panties for extra protection). The 2nd chakra, also known as the Sacral charka represents our realm of emotions.  It is the home to our feelings and how we relate to others and the world.  The 3rd chakra, also known as the Solar Plexus, represents our ego, confidence and self-control.  It is the source of our personal power and leadership.

When we are feeling mentally or spiritually bullied or attacked our 2nd and 3rd chakra are affected.  These feelings can close our chakras, making us lose our confidence (3rd chakra) and throw our emotions out of whack (2nd chakra).

In order to protect our charkas, we can put a ‘cure’ into place.  Red is associated with strength and action! It is energizing and has a masculine quality. It signifies a pioneering spirit and leadership qualities, promoting ambition and determination.  Red also gives confidence; you know you looked good the last time you wore your bold red lipstick or cocktail dress.

When we put the two ideas together, red panties protect the emotions and ego while exuding confidence and action!

I’m thrilled to report that my client sent me a high-five emoji right after the meeting.

I don’t want to leave the guys out, so this works with boxers as well!

Kate Wind

Is your Garage Squeezing you?

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Is your Garage Squeezing you?

Flow is easy and effortless movement, often times pictured as a gently flowing stream.  In home consultations, floor plans that support easy movement from room to room signal a relaxed lifestyle and potential prosperity. Flow is good.

In your home, think of where you have to turn sideways, or step back to allow a family member or co-worker to pass. I call those places “squeeze spots.”  And they need to be remedied. Those areas do NOT have flow.  An occasional squeeze is no big deal.  Thanksgiving Day in the kitchen can be full of squeezes!  But I am talking about daily squeezes or multi-squeezes each day which eventually fuel impatience, frustration, anger, debt, resentment, limitation along with a few swear words.

A likely room with this issue is the garage.  Getting in or out of cars is often tighter than it should be, due to seasonal storage, a poorly parked bicycle or an oddly spaced support beam. Over this past Thanksgiving weekend, after tiring of the “squeeze” I addressed my garage issues.  Yes, it did require a little purging, but the greatest impact was re-thinking how things were being stored.  Also amazing how many discards were empty boxes. In the end I could open the driver door all the way, without the squeeze.

I am happy to say that my garage is now a no-squeeze zone.





Feng Shui: Getting the Details Right

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Feng Shui: Getting the Details Right

Moving day is hectic.  Because we are in a rush to get settled, we often set our furniture and art in place, thinking “I will come back and address the details later.”


That is fine.  Just be sure you do it!!!


Tiffany moved into her apartment and instinctually leaned a perfect relationship picture above a cabinet in the relationship gua.  It looked great!!  Perfect colors. Perfect location!


A couple of months later during a Feng Shui consult, I commented that the protective plastic wrap which still clung to the art needed to be removed.  We instantly turned and laughed.  Tiffany had just been commenting how she felt at-distance from her boyfriend.  Off came the plastic!!!


Take a closer look at the art on your walls.  Is it securely hung?  Is the sticker price still showing? Has the print slipped from the matting? Has the frame tilted?

Feng Shui: Reputation Cure

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Feng Shui: Reputation Cure

 Multi-Colored Roses for the Reputation Gua


Gather a multi-colored rose bouquet.

Display in the center back or Reputation Gua of your home.

Set the intention of  opening up to possibilities.

Roses are the poster child for the unfolding or blossoming of self, an excellent sentiment in achieving success.



Feng Shui: Clinging Vines

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Feng Shui: Clinging Vines

Clinging vines which adhere to the stucco or wood finish of the home, particularly around the entry are not recommended.  Remember, the home is an extension or reflection of the people within.


Although romantic in appearance, the clinging nature of the vine suggests highly dependent or invasive relationships are draining the home.


The skin of the home is a symbolic extension of our personal skin, therefore clinging vines are linked to skin irritations, particularly those that are invasive, itchy or rash-like. Vines on trellises are not a concern.

Feng Shui: The Fame& Reputation Gua

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Feng Shui: The Fame& Reputation Gua

In Feng Shui, your walls are like vision boards.  The images you hang on your wall  are “what” you are asking for or selling yourself on.

Client’s story

In a consultation, Paula shared that her budding business had come to an uncomfortable stall.  After summing up the particulars of the situation she said, “I am unsure of what the next step should be.”

That metaphor was beautifully illustrated by the three-legged horse which she had recently hung in her Fame & Reputation gua. Neither of us were horse experts, but we both agreed that the horse’s stance was unusual and indicated no movement…similar to the “stall” Paula was describing in her reputation.  Upon recommendation, Paula replaced it with the “running horse” picture.

Within 24 hours, a key contact in her business had been made and within 2 weeks she was off to NYC to make  key presentations to several  companies.  Paula’s reputation was busting out of the doldrums. In Paula’s words, “I am off and running!”Running Horse

Summary:  The Fame & Reputation gua needs to be fed with a “fiery” element.  Reds or oranges, candles or images of strong masculine animals ( like this energetic horse with the flowing mane), are a perfect match for the Fame & Reputation gua.