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Welcome to the Feng Shui Gallery!

Acquaint yourself with the principles of Feng Shui through my personal Gallery. These pictures quickly illustrate Feng Shui cures, as well as Feng Shui no-nos. From the garden to your business logo, learn the importance in crafting an abundant life using the codes of Feng Shui.

After viewing my Gallery, step back and think of your home as a Gallery. Every image in your home is promoting a message, hopefully of abundance, optimism and support. If you are unsure how to create a harmonious or prosperous home, schedule a consultation for personalized cures specific to your home, office or circumstances.

A renewed life is one feng shui cure away!

Feng Shui: Getting the Details Right

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Feng Shui: Getting the Details Right

Moving day is hectic.  Because we are in a rush to get settled, we often set our furniture and art in place, thinking “I will come back and address the details later.”


That is fine.  Just be sure you do it!!!


Tiffany moved into her apartment and instinctually leaned a perfect relationship picture above a cabinet in the relationship gua.  It looked great!!  Perfect colors. Perfect location!


A couple of months later during a Feng Shui consult, I commented that the protective plastic wrap which still clung to the art needed to be removed.  We instantly turned and laughed.  Tiffany had just been commenting how she felt at-distance from her boyfriend.  Off came the plastic!!!


Take a closer look at the art on your walls.  Is it securely hung?  Is the sticker price still showing? Has the print slipped from the matting? Has the frame tilted?

Feng Shui: Reputation Cure

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Feng Shui: Reputation Cure

 Multi-Colored Roses for the Reputation Gua


Gather a multi-colored rose bouquet.

Display in the center back or Reputation Gua of your home.

Set the intention of  opening up to possibilities.

Roses are the poster child for the unfolding or blossoming of self, an excellent sentiment in achieving success.



Feng Shui: Clinging Vines

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Feng Shui: Clinging Vines

Clinging vines which adhere to the stucco or wood finish of the home, particularly around the entry are not recommended.  Remember, the home is an extension or reflection of the people within.


Although romantic in appearance, the clinging nature of the vine suggests highly dependent or invasive relationships are draining the home.


The skin of the home is a symbolic extension of our personal skin, therefore clinging vines are linked to skin irritations, particularly those that are invasive, itchy or rash-like. Vines on trellises are not a concern.

Feng Shui: The Fame& Reputation Gua

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Feng Shui: The Fame& Reputation Gua

In Feng Shui, your walls are like vision boards.  The images you hang on your wall  are “what” you are asking for or selling yourself on.

Client’s story

In a consultation, Paula shared that her budding business had come to an uncomfortable stall.  After summing up the particulars of the situation she said, “I am unsure of what the next step should be.”

That metaphor was beautifully illustrated by the three-legged horse which she had recently hung in her Fame & Reputation gua. Neither of us were horse experts, but we both agreed that the horse’s stance was unusual and indicated no movement…similar to the “stall” Paula was describing in her reputation.  Upon recommendation, Paula replaced it with the “running horse” picture.

Within 24 hours, a key contact in her business had been made and within 2 weeks she was off to NYC to make  key presentations to several  companies.  Paula’s reputation was busting out of the doldrums. In Paula’s words, “I am off and running!”Running Horse

Summary:  The Fame & Reputation gua needs to be fed with a “fiery” element.  Reds or oranges, candles or images of strong masculine animals ( like this energetic horse with the flowing mane), are a perfect match for the Fame & Reputation gua.

Feng Shui: Taking Advantage of Wind

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Imagine my surprise to see this gigantic, enormous flag (??) popping up over my neighbor’s wall last month. It turned out to be a wind racer – taller than a two story house!!!


Appearing in my back left corner (wealth gua) of the yard, I saw it as an excellent financial omen, and as a reminder to move with the times. The element of wind is the historical ruler of wealth.


I felt blessed to have a gi-normous wind sock like this to pop up unexpectedly. (more…)

Fuk Luk Sau: Wishing you Wealth, Health, & Happiness

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Fuk Luk Sau: Wishing you Wealth, Health, & Happiness

During this holiday season, bring the gift of health, wealth and happiness into your home with Fuk Luk Sau. According to Chinese traditions, these three gods or deities contain the spirits of wealth, health and happiness. They were originally astrological stars, known as the Three Star Gods. Many Chinese legends abound of their generosity to mortals.

The positioning of the three-some is significant. Keep in mind their names read right to left. Fuk is on the far right (he is the bald one) Luk is in the middle and Sau is on the left. Fuk brings wealth, Luk stands for power and authority, while Sau brings longevity or health.

The placement of Fuk Luk Sau is flexible with two exceptions. They should be displayed as a trio only, placed on a high table, shelf or ledge, never on a low table. The high placement honors their history as astrological stars. They are an excellent cure for the office when positioned behind your back. Other common names are Fu Lu Shou, Three Star Gods and Auspicious Trinity.

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Zinnias bring a light-hearted innocence into the garden. The floral essence of zinnia is linked to the pancreas (enjoying the sweetness of life) and is an excellent therapy plant for workaholic s. One of my favorite Feng Shui cures for over-worked clients is to place a packet of zinnia seeds on their desk, set with the intention of allowing for play time.

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Water in the Garden

Set the intention of prosperity with a fish-shaped pot. I picked mine up at Pier One Imports! (May 2009) In Feng Shui, water is the supportive element of wood. A great placement would be at the front door or entrance to the garden.

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Lily of the Nile

June 2008

The Lily of the Nile is an excellent flower for the night garden. Its long-stemmed blossoms illuminate the garden at night. Flowers which reflect the moon’s light are noted for shedding light on unresolved problems and aiding in the memory of dreams.

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May 2008

Due to its many seeds, the pomegranate is associated with fertility and wealth. It is an excellent addition to a garden of intentions. For prosperity purposes, plant pomegranates in the Southeast area of the garden or in the wealth gua of the yard.