Fuk Luk Sau: Wishing you Wealth, Health, & Happiness

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Fuk Luk Sau: Wishing you Wealth, Health, & Happiness

During this holiday season, bring the gift of health, wealth and happiness into your home with Fuk Luk Sau. According to Chinese traditions, these three gods or deities contain the spirits of wealth, health and happiness. They were originally astrological stars, known as the Three Star Gods. Many Chinese legends abound of their generosity to mortals.

The positioning of the three-some is significant. Keep in mind their names read right to left. Fuk is on the far right (he is the bald one) Luk is in the middle and Sau is on the left. Fuk brings wealth, Luk stands for power and authority, while Sau brings longevity or health.

The placement of Fuk Luk Sau is flexible with two exceptions. They should be displayed as a trio only, placed on a high table, shelf or ledge, never on a low table. The high placement honors their history as astrological stars. They are an excellent cure for the office when positioned behind your back. Other common names are Fu Lu Shou, Three Star Gods and Auspicious Trinity.

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