Good News Sagittarius: Nov 2018

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Good News Sagittarius: Nov 2018

Good New Sagittarius: Nov 2018

I hope you have been having more fun Sagittarius!  With Jupiter in your sign, this is your year to blossom.  Anticipate confidence building education and travel opportunities. Just your birthday itself, should be over-the-top in camaraderie or well-wishes. Set your sights higher!!  A better job, a surprise bonus, increased professionalism, or landing a new contract or client fits the description of the good news emerging now. A side interest in psychology, or self-help will be an off-shoot of your budding confidence.

Unexpected monies through legal matters or settlements are likely.  With the North Node moving into the solar 8th house in Nov 2018, you will be tapping into passion and be driven to lose weight, pay off debts, and better manage joint monies over the next 18 months.  Family, pregnancies  and children take high priority.