The Movie Test

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Just for fun, pick your favorite movie below for insights into your life themes.

Pretty Woman • Mrs. Doubtfire • City of Angels • Norma Rae • A Beautiful Mind • Eat Drink Man Woman

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If you chose Pretty Woman, you are a Revolutionary. You experience life in extremes – rich to poor, big house to little house, high power to no power.

If you chose Mrs. Doubtfire, you are an Empath. You feel the pain of others so vividly; you take on monumental tasks and can temporarily become someone you are not.

If you chose City of Angels, you are a Spellcaster. Guided by a strong spiritual awareness you take on large projects and people problems which seem impossible.

If you chose Norma Rae, you are a Competitor. You lead with action and like to rescue people and rectify problems. You cannot relate to those who sit on the sidelines.

If you chose A Beautiful Mind, you are a Creative. You excel at seeing what can be done and more importantly, how it can be done. You can teeter on the edge of social acceptance.

If you chose Eat Drink Man Woman, you are a Harmonizer. You love refinement and beauty, to the point of turning a blind eye to unacceptable behaviors.