Is your Garage Squeezing you?

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Is your Garage Squeezing you?

Flow is easy and effortless movement, often times pictured as a gently flowing stream.  In home consultations, floor plans that support easy movement from room to room signal a relaxed lifestyle and potential prosperity. Flow is good.

In your home, think of where you have to turn sideways, or step back to allow a family member or co-worker to pass. I call those places “squeeze spots.”  And they need to be remedied. Those areas do NOT have flow.  An occasional squeeze is no big deal.  Thanksgiving Day in the kitchen can be full of squeezes!  But I am talking about daily squeezes or multi-squeezes each day which eventually fuel impatience, frustration, anger, debt, resentment, limitation along with a few swear words.

A likely room with this issue is the garage.  Getting in or out of cars is often tighter than it should be, due to seasonal storage, a poorly parked bicycle or an oddly spaced support beam. Over this past Thanksgiving weekend, after tiring of the “squeeze” I addressed my garage issues.  Yes, it did require a little purging, but the greatest impact was re-thinking how things were being stored.  Also amazing how many discards were empty boxes. In the end I could open the driver door all the way, without the squeeze.

I am happy to say that my garage is now a no-squeeze zone.