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July 16, 2019 Lunar Eclipse @ 24 Capricorn

Clarity and direction related to lifestyle changes are taking shape. Although the lunar eclipse is occurring July 16, 2019, the breadcrumbs of change are dropping in May 2019.  Many of these shifts trace back to 2018.

Everyone is under this influence, although Capricorns, Aries, Cancers, and Libra may have more dramatic shifts.

If pro-active in nature, you are in decision-making mode.  You certainly are anxious to go in a new direction.  Think going back to school, changing jobs, giving up a hobby or p/t position, moving to a new city or re-defining relationships.

If you lean to being passive, outside influences, such as your boss, company, spouse or best friend are making choices which are impacting your lifestyle. Think of a spouse being transferred to a new city, your company announcing massive cutbacks, concerns for a parent’s health or bouts of depression.

Simple, and straight forward, we could borrow a phrase from film production, “It’s a wrap!”

High Alert Birthdates 

  • Jan 11 – Jan 19 , strongly for Jan 14 – 16
  • Apr 10 – Apr 18
  • Jul 13 – Jul 21
  • Oct 12 – Oct 20

The benefits of these choices will be evident by year’s end.