Astrology: Mars Retrograde Apr 18 – Jun 29 2016

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Astrology: Mars Retrograde Apr 18 – Jun 29 2016

Mars Retrograded at 8 Sag this past week.  I have been collecting stories from clients and friends to expand my interpertation of Mars Retrograde, beyond the general recommendation to minimize conflict, rather than escalate tensions.  Mars Retorgrade is not a good time to  pick a fight or launch a war.


I was delighted to hear this story.


Mars turned retrograde in Marcia’s 3rd house.  She is an avid blogger, photograper and painter. On the weekend Mars turned retrograde, Marcia heavily edited the photos on her blog.  In particular, she took down all the photos of a professional boxing match which she had been exclusively invited to shoot. She had been flattered to be the guest photographer, but on a gut level she was now “done with all the drama and conflict” which was showing up in her life.


This story works on two levels.  First, it is a great reflection on Mars retrograde minimizing violence, contention and conflict in the images of her portfolio – her face to the world.


Second, it is a perfect Feng Shui story.  Removing harsh images off your social media pages, is just as significant as removing negative art off your living room wall.  The virtual world is upon us!