What lies ahead?  Be alert to pending events concerning money, relationships, business and home.  Gain information which validates an urge to  seize an opportunity, cut your losses or commit to a relationship.  Based solely on your birthdate, time, and location you will be amazed at the accuracy and relevancy of my insights.

Consultations are filled with fun references to mythology, modern-day role models and your own linking years. Special focus is placed on insightful, 7-year themes affecting your thoughts and reactions.

I am pleased to introduce the addition of Kate Wind to the practice of astrology. Note her astrology services at the bottom of the screen.  I strongly recommend her "record and send" consultations. Kate is the next generation of astrologers, having been raised amidst the language of astrology since birth. She brings an Aquarian  healing spirit into her consults.  

Feng Shui

Improve your vitality, finances and relationships with easy-to-apply feng shui cures in a friendly 2-hour consultation. Overcome stagnancy, complacency or underlying fears with simple adjustments to your décor and landscape. Consultations are filled with recommendations to jump-start success.

Feng Shui mimics the principles of nature. By removing a boulder out of a sluggish stream, the chi of the stream is increased. In your home, the removal of a chair blocking a doorway creates greater vitality and prosperity. Energize your home with thoughtful and purposeful changes!

On-site Feng Shui consultations are conducted by Kate Wind. 702-768-9389

Feng Shui Phone consultations are offered by Mary Swick.

 60-Minute Phone Reading with Link

Receive immediate, life-changing insight into unfolding events. Make decisions confidently with this 60 minute overview of the coming year. Time of birth is preferred, but not required. A recording of the consult is sent via email.  $160

60-Minute Astro-carto-graphy Charting

Are you living on a stress line? A love line? A heavy responsibility line? This chart is invaluable if you are moving, curious about your present locale or wondering where your "happiness" lies. Not all cities are equal in the world of astro-carto-graphy. Gain quick insight to your astro-carto-graphy lines throughout the U.S. and Canada with a phone consultation and link to a digital recording. $150/hour.

90-Minute Phone Consult w/PDF and link

Get the big picture!!  In this 90-minute in-depth, I focus on unfolding events.  Where are you headed over the next 9 - 12 months?   I will send a 14-page original and highly personalized PDF file to you the evening before our appointment. During the 90-minute consult I lay out key repeating themes, with specific insight into current and pending situations. A link to the  digital recording is provided for continued reference. Gain insights about yourself while taking a peak into your future. Phone consultation $260.  Follow-up sessions only $100/60 min for the following 11 months.


60-Minute Baby Charts

This chart is a great gift for new parents. Parents gain immediate insight into their child's personality, while learning how their child will be influenced by the parents! 60 minute digital recording, e-mailed as directed $160

 Life Theme Chart with PDF and/or Digital Link

What are your repeating life themes?  You will be amazed to hear your life simply described as a series of circumstances and events revolving around eleven major themes. This chart is an eye opener! Phone consultation (75 minute) with digital recording $175. Phone consultation (90 min) with PDF file and digital recording $245 

Kate Wind

Record and Send Consultations

30 & 60-minute consultations

Let Kate shed light on your current situation and future developments. A phone consult is an ideal solution for clients with busy schedules or preferring extra privacy. A digital link is sent to your inbox for future reference.  Gain quick insights, an appointment can be scheduled usually within 24-36 hours.

Text Kate 702-768-9389 your email, Date of birth, Town of birth and Time of birth.  $75/$140  30 Minute/60 Minute Consult

Or contact her through her website


Home Consultations

 Let’s walk your home together and discuss specific Feng Shui cures or modifications related to your floor plan, furniture placement, wall décor, color palette, landscaping and decorating style. Learn how your house is reflecting the events of your life. Connect to your home in way you have never considered.  Your home is a translation of your current frame of mind. Recommended changes or cures are practical and do-able and will advance your life goals.   Enhance your home; be amazed with the results! $150 - $300

Consults by Kate Wind 702-768-9389  or contact her directly through her website

Phone Consultations

Send me pictures of your home - interior and exterior - with a sketched floor plan for an insightful one hour consult. $175 with Mary Swick

Business Consultations

Grow your business with Feng Shui principles. Determine favorable directions, workspace layout, logo design and element balance for your specific business. $200 - $400

Consults with Kate Wind.  Contact her through her website

Past clients include:

  • Hair Salons
  • Warehouses
  • Engineering Firms
  • Pool Service
  • Veterinary Clinic Custom Cabinetry Shop
  • Retail Stores
  • Home Health Care
  • Restaurants
  • Trade Show Company
  • Cellular Service

  • Real Estate Offices
  • Insurance Agencies
  • Brokerage Services
  • Day Spas
  • Bank
  • Chiropractors
  • Design Firms
  • Phone Rooms
  • Non-profit Organizations
  • Massage Therapists
  • Aestheticians

Business Logo Consultations


Blueprint or Pre-purchase Consultations