Set the Intention of Prosperity with Pi Yao

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Set the Intention of Prosperity with Pi Yao

In my practice of Feng Shui, I recommend the positioning of Fu Dogs when a client is facing danger or needs protection. The Pi Yao is another Chinese mystical animal, lesser known and often confused with the Fu dogs.

Pi Yao offers protection, but is more flexible in its placement. Pi Yao is a mystical animal with an infinite appetite and no anus. Symbolically, everything Pi Yao consumes he keeps.

Pi Yao is a favorite of shopkeepers and bankers wishing for an influx of money with minimal expenses. They are also used to offset the distress of construction and renovation. Pi Yao is often shown sitting on coins. Use Pi Yao to protect assets and hold on to existing fortunes. They are a perfect cure near cash registers and safes. Pi Yao is considered the patron angel of Shanghai and is credited with its world financial dominance.

Pi Yao can be positioned singularly or as a pair. Pi Yap is commonly depicted in jewelry, hanging amulets and small carvings. Pi Yao comes at all price points and can easily be purchased online.

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