Don't just take my word for it. Below are some testimonials from satisfied customers.

Linda from Oklahoma

Thank you Mary! 

I was skeptical about Feng Shui until I spoke with you. Our Feng Shui phone consultation from over 1200 miles away, improved my life. I thank you. Within three days, a woman knocked on my door and asked to rent a piece of my property for a cell site. People knocking on my door, offering me money definitely made me a believer! The amazing part is I have never met you; we only spoke once on the phone.

Suzie, Las Vegas, Nevada

Special thanks -

When I read about you in the newspaper, I thought you were too good to be true. You actually exceeded my expectations! When we met, I had been trying to buy a business. Four days after my office was Feng Shui’ed, I inked the deal. In addition, your astrology charts have been most helpful in business decisions. You are phenomenal. Good Luck to you in continued success.

Shana/Business Owner, Henderson, NV

You are a gift!

A friend gifted an astrological consultation with Mary. Her accuracy amazed me. Now I schedule a consultation every year. Mary also helped grow our business. We were having financial troubles at work, so I brought Mary in to apply Feng Shui to my building and business. The results were felt the next day. We had so much business my husband said maybe we should reverse some of the changes.

Cheryl from Nevada

I loved the format of your reading – 

Your accuracy is uncanny! Better yet, the text and CD made it very easy for me to understand. I wanted you to know how much you helped.

Esther in Pahrump

What an enlightening experience!

Thank you for the astrology reading and written interpretations. It has been months since the reading and things are falling into place. It is so comforting to know what lies ahead, before it is too late. Thank you so much.

Marina, Nevada

Mary –

OMG you are so right on! You are the BEST thank you.

Liz from Washington

Feng Shui opened my mind -

YOUR BOOKS ARE GREAT! They were life changing for me. I had read Feng Shui books before, but never got it. You are a great writer and teacher. I also attended one of your seminars and my life changed in ways never expected. My house is more peaceful and enjoyable. My friends have even commented on my new outlook. I look forward to working with you in the future.