Feng Shui: The Fame& Reputation Gua

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Feng Shui: The Fame& Reputation Gua

In Feng Shui, your walls are like vision boards.  The images you hang on your wall  are “what” you are asking for or selling yourself on.

Client’s story

In a consultation, Paula shared that her budding business had come to an uncomfortable stall.  After summing up the particulars of the situation she said, “I am unsure of what the next step should be.”

That metaphor was beautifully illustrated by the three-legged horse which she had recently hung in her Fame & Reputation gua. Neither of us were horse experts, but we both agreed that the horse’s stance was unusual and indicated no movement…similar to the “stall” Paula was describing in her reputation.  Upon recommendation, Paula replaced it with the “running horse” picture.

Within 24 hours, a key contact in her business had been made and within 2 weeks she was off to NYC to make  key presentations to several  companies.  Paula’s reputation was busting out of the doldrums. In Paula’s words, “I am off and running!”Running Horse

Summary:  The Fame & Reputation gua needs to be fed with a “fiery” element.  Reds or oranges, candles or images of strong masculine animals ( like this energetic horse with the flowing mane), are a perfect match for the Fame & Reputation gua.