The Firing of Matt Lauer

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The Firing of Matt Lauer

“Matt Lauer has been fired by NBC”

The progressed chart of Matt Lauer shares some insight behind the shocking headlines of Nov 29th.

Born a  Capricorn, his progressed Sun is currently at 8 degrees Pisces 22 min, based on his solar chart.

Matt has been learning the lessons of this degree for the past 7 years.  He is now in the peak of its influence. It would be insightful for him to reflect back to 2010/2011.  There should be a linking incident to today’s story.

8 Pisces brings a message of a woman stepping up into a man’s world. It suggests it is time for a woman to take charge, lead or act in a competitive manner.  Think of the infamous song, “I Can do Anything Better than You”  from Annie Get Your Gun.

The counterpart to 8 Pisces is 8 Virgo which is also being highlighted in Matt’s chart through progression, suggesting a potential naivete in sexual matters.  We haven’t heard the whole story and may never will, but with hindsight I suspect most will wonder, how he didn’t see this coming.   

 The most damaging to Matt, (although the path he must take according to his chart) is the follow-up interpretation of having your lifestyle impacted by a job change!!!!