Feng Shui: The Power of Red Panties

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The color “red” can be a strong Feng Shui cure in your panty drawer…all year round!! Grab your power back with a red panty!!I have recommended this power cure for decades particularly for women embattled with bosses or ex-husbands, as well as women vying for a big sale or contract in their businesses!! Put a red panty in your holiday sock!!

Here is a great blog by my daughter, Kate Wind, on the power of the red panty!!  Power up for 2018!

Mary Swick


The Power of Red Panties

by Kate Wind, www.thekatewind.com

Usually we associate red panties for the bedroom, but we should highly consider them for the boardroom as well!

If you could gain more power with just the color of your undergarments, wouldn’t you?

A few days ago, a client called me concerned about an upcoming meeting at work.  She was inquiring if I thought the outcome of the meeting would be in her favor.  She was struggling to finding common ground with the individual she was pitching her idea to, as he came off very ‘know-it-all’ and brash.  She made a comment that he made her feel powerless.  I was shocked, as I knew my client to be a strong headed, successful business woman.  Without pulling her chart, I confidently suggested she wear red panties the day of the meeting.  Desperate for the answer, my client listened as I explained the below.

Just as gloves protect our hands from the cold, the clothes and accessories we wear, protect and support our charkas.  Panties sit on our body between our 2nd chakra and 3rd chakra, depending on how high you wear them. (This could be the perfect excuse to rock the granny panties for extra protection). The 2nd chakra, also known as the Sacral charka represents our realm of emotions.  It is the home to our feelings and how we relate to others and the world.  The 3rd chakra, also known as the Solar Plexus, represents our ego, confidence and self-control.  It is the source of our personal power and leadership.

When we are feeling mentally or spiritually bullied or attacked our 2nd and 3rd chakra are affected.  These feelings can close our chakras, making us lose our confidence (3rd chakra) and throw our emotions out of whack (2nd chakra).

In order to protect our charkas, we can put a ‘cure’ into place.  Red is associated with strength and action! It is energizing and has a masculine quality. It signifies a pioneering spirit and leadership qualities, promoting ambition and determination.  Red also gives confidence; you know you looked good the last time you wore your bold red lipstick or cocktail dress.

When we put the two ideas together, red panties protect the emotions and ego while exuding confidence and action!

I’m thrilled to report that my client sent me a high-five emoji right after the meeting.

I don’t want to leave the guys out, so this works with boxers as well!

Kate Wind