What Can We Learn from Harvey Weinstein’s Chart?

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What Can We Learn from Harvey Weinstein’s Chart?

What Can We Learn from Harvey Weinstein’s Chart?

One of the outstanding aspects of Harvey Weinstein’s chart is a tight 1 degree square between Pluto and Mars.  This combination reeks of the need for power and influence, creating power-hungry individuals and potential predators.

The old image of Arm and Hammer captures the toughness this square implies. It clearly is  an indicator of a warrior, someone who needs to prove their skills in a public fashion.  This placement suggests a rough and tumble approach to problem-solving.  Finesse is out; bluntness is in.  A Pluto Mars Square enshrines testosterone in men, going for what they desire and winning, many times beating out their competition, in a showmanship manner.  Pluto square Mars naturally creates enemies. Enemies which never forget or forgive their perpetrators.

This is a great placement for builders, construction workers, surgeons, soldiers, boxers or auditors.  Their ability to endure criticism, shrug off insults, tolerate crap, or shirk off shame is impressive.   Think arrogant surgeon, dogged auditor, hardened criminal, or weathered construction worker. You can almost hear the strains of Rocky in your head, the little guy (gal) who becomes the dominator!

The dark-side of the Pluto Mars Square drops to the beltline and accentuates intense sexual urges. This is a harder energy to reign in, as it is very instinctual, and can literally pop up with little notice. Sexual addictions, weirdness or abuse can result.  Sex can become the equivalent of popping a champagne cork, an established tradition for every “win” in life.

Lesson learned:  A Pluto/Mars Square is a powder keg in a chart, demanding the individual take risks beyond normal, and find (healthy) ways to satisfy their need for domination.

   P.S. The above article focused on Pluto Mars Squares in a man’s chart. Women with Pluto Mars squares often encounter domestic violence or sexual abuse early in their life, propelling them to (run) or set out for a better life.  Their goal is to gain wealth or personal power, to dominate or win out over powerful men.  Think Oprah Winfrey!