What Does Your Birth Time Say About You?

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What Does Your Birth Time Say About You?

An accurate birth time provides a wealth of information in an astrological reading. Here are some general insights on birth times.

4 – 6 am
Brave, takes risks, loves to rescue people and animals

2 – 4 am
Experimental, loves nature, values money, authentic.

Midnight – 2 am
Flexible, ever-changing, jack of all trades, with a sense of humor

10 pm – Midnight
Doting, emotional, intuitive, caregiver or provider

8 – 10 pm
Innocent, encouraging, up-beat, no heavy lifting, Naive

6 – 8 pm
Dependable, loves to serve, conscientious, sensitive to equal rights

4 – 6 pm
Loves beauty, loves love, presentation skills, has difficulty saying “no”

2 – 4 pm
Holds secrets, attracts drama, manages crisis well, takes risks with money

Noon – 2 pm
Open-minded, fair and just, loves to learn, benefits through travel

10 am – Noon
Responsible, predicable, excels at ordering, provides safety for others

8 – 10 am
Creative, inventive, relates well to children, manifests stuff

6 – 8 am
Willing to be a minority, takes on large projects, optimistic, needs an audience