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About Me

In 1980 my love of astrology was born. Little did I realize then that it would lead to my husband and a fulfilling career choice. I thank Bill Swick and all the clients who came to our condo for readings those first two years. We often kept them way beyond the hour, prying them with questions about their past and childhood, all in the name of learning astrology.

By 1995 we were well settled with a growing family in Las Vegas. With Saturn transiting over my Second House Moon, and transiting Uranus hovering over the Ascendant, I launched my full-time practice of astrology. I thrived.

In 1999, I was further delighted to learn of Feng Shui. The topics of home and environment take me back to my B.S. in Family Environment from Iowa State University.

For the next 20 years I juggled (natal Mercury conjunct my MC) both careers. I was an astrologer and a feng shui consultant, consulting with residences, casinos, hotels, custom home builders.

Today my focus is on astrology. I love consulting with clients and sharing insights via phone appointments.

Join me and my daughter, Kate Wind for our podcast, “Mom and Me Astrology” available on all platforms. We chat up astrology and feng shui every Monday morning. We recently celebrated our 200th episode.