Personal consultations  need birthdate, time of birth and town of birth to schedule

60 Minute Astrology Reading

Phone consult with digital recording

Gain fascinating  insights into your chart and current life circumstances with special focus on  the next six months and beyond.  This consult guarantees to get you thinking more clearly about  who you are,  and you next step in life. Relationships, love, financial stability and work  are  addressed.  Whether your are facing immediate good fortune or a  developing disruption, this consult will  give you a "an eyes wide open" outlook to your future.   Questions are allowed. 

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90 Minute Astrology Reading

Phone consultation with digital recording and PDF.

Get the bigger picture!! This consult includes a 14-page original and highly personalized PDF summarizing the top influences currently or soon to be active in your chart. The PDF allows for quick reference of what is going-on, and greatly assists visual learners. The content is similar to the 60 minute consult, with more focus  on 7-year energies and repeating life themes. 
$275. Follow-up sessions only $125/60 min for the following 9 months.

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Natal Chart or Baby Chart

Great for everyone. Who does not want to learn more about themselves?
This chart lasts a lifetime. The focus is on major life themes, planetary placements and their meanings and key repeating themes related to the Sun, Moon and ASC.

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60 Minute Astrocartography

Ever wonder why some places give you a feeling of security while other locations make you feel ill at ease? Are you currently living on a stress line? A love line? Or a heavy responsibility line? This chart is a must if you are considering moving out of town or curious about the town you are in.

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